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This is J2EE - Gwyneth Paltrow's Coffee Enema?

Whatever you think of Java, the language, this is not it. This is a whole other level of Enterprise-ness and a total "usine a gaz"*.

This is the project to which Spring is perceived to be an improvement.

These are the people that brought you EE Beans - bloated ORM objects that get to decide to remote themselves wherever they want, unless you somehow bind them cleverly to the same nodes by ensuring locale-ness. Shoving configs into XML so that you can have more dynamic declarations, thus bypassing the compiler entirely and making source harder to grok. This is abstraction for the sake of it, without underlying reasons.

Besides enema:

- Bloatus?

- Compendium of Design Patterns?

- Overdesignus?

- Consultantware?

* Usine a gaz

A very nice French expression tailor-made for this type of IT which basically means a machine to make hot air - useless complexity to achieve nothing much. c.f. a Rube Goldberg contraption.

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