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Re: Another perfectly crummy alternative to C/Java: chicory

"Literally same story up to the 70-es"

Whereas 80-s brought along some improvements. 1) After years of experiments, our glorious research institutes had developed a range of coffee substitutes (rye and other grains + chicory) that were quite, but not entirely unlike coffee. With copious amounts of Armenian brandy to go with it they were almost drinkable.

(side note: while trying to hunt down images of these chicory products I discovered that chicory is now being touted as a health product. Fuckity fuck.)

2) And now the real bombshell. In 80's, in Soviet Russia, in actual stores that were accessible for ordinary people, there were real Arabica coffee beans for sale!!!

Granted, they were sold for a princely sum of 20 roubles per kilogram, while ordinary engineer could earn about 120-130 roubles in a month. But still, anyone could have some if they so desired. Eat your hearts out, capitalist running dogs!

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