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You can resurrect any deleted GitHub account name. And this is why we have trust issues


The model that you accurately describe, while far from perfect, has the advantage of significantly reducing cost and complexity, speeds up prototyping, and ties in well with continuous delivery approaches ...

Shortcuts are almost always quicker and insurance policies/backups are almost always more expensive. Therefore, it follows that any naive, short-term, "efficiency" calculation will favour risk-taking and dispense with "overhead" like backups, documentation, specifications, quality assurance, redundancy and reliable idempotence. There's nothing new about any of that, all that's changed is that (some) developers think "dynamic risk-taker" ("chancer", in old money) is a compliment.

As you say, it fits in well with the "Rachman" methodology, where you move the tenants into a building that is half finished (or demolished), and try to shore it up around them before getting bored and moving on to the next (dynamic, innovative, cutting edge) development, leaving the roof still leaking and bare wires poking out of the walls. Nothing wrong with that for a disposable web ad campaign of course, but it's a disaster if you're handling medical records or benefit payments or train bookings or - well, anything that actually matters.

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