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I've been saying for a while that GitHub (and Bitbucket, and GitLab, etc.) are doing open source a disservice, by making the primary route to accessing a project's source code be tied to a particular identity - either that of a single person, or a single organisation.

As this news exemplifies, this is a short-sighted position to take when dealing with open source software. People come and go; companies end support; organisations get disbanded, but none of these are necessarily enough to kill a popular project.

A platform which truly understood the nature of free and open-source software, and that things change over time, should make the project - the source code itself - have primacy. Instead of, we should be visiting https://git.example/importantproject/.

I've seen a few projects on GitHub which appeared dead on the surface, but if you delved into the "network graph" you'd see this amazing explosion of forks and branches lasting long after the original fork died. Sadly, they're mostly all fixing the same problems over and over, because most people don't look at the network graph, and assume all work on the project ceased when the original developer lost interest.

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