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Re: Another perfectly crummy alternative to C/Java: chicory

It was foisted on the US public

One of the many things where USA and Russia are much more alike than people would like to admit. Literally same story up to the 70-es. As a result anyone who wanted real coffee had to get green Cuban beans by various semi-illicit channels, roast them and grind them by themselves. The smell of freshly roasted coffee beans early in the morning... It smells like...

You can still have it hoisted on you today by the way. If you are unfortunate to go to the more obscure corners of Greece you need to carry a Bialetti and at least 1kg of ground to sustain yourself. The coffee in the cafanas as well as the stuff in nearly all small hotels is all spiked with shit and practically undrinkable.

So if you want to draw a connotation that it is something vile and vomit inducing chicory would be a good choice.

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