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Recovering rockets was never deemed impossible. It was found to be uneconomic. It takes around 45% more capability in the rocket to bring the first stage back and there is no guarantee that it will prove to be entirely reusable or if there will be enough high value parts in good working order.

Electric cars have just barely been viable. Now they are since with things like carbon taxes, a company can sell an EV at a loss while gaining credits that allow them to sell high margin, giant gas pigs. The bottom line is a sexy black and the company has a fresh coat of green wash. Lose the carbon credits and it's a different story.

Australia borked itself by switching a system that was designed to operate with steady base load power plants to a system with variable and dispersed power inputs and no upgrades to the transmission and switching systems. Boom. Li batteries are a massively expensive way to implement grid level storage. Tesla might have lost their shorts on the Australia deal. They don't provide good enough detail in their financials to analyze that. The bigger question is what the cost differential in power prices is now in South Australia with the switch to renewables. It's not a bad thing to lower reliance on fossil fuels, but I don't want my electricity bill to sudden double. Although, it would make the ROI on installing solar panels look even better.

In the business world, the score is kept by counting up profits. There are no bonus points for "saving the world" (one flamethrower at a time).

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