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"Its easy to talk about missing production deadlines as a bad thing in the context of a well established automotive industry, but Tesla is still a young automotive company who doesn't have a couple of generations of experience with production lines,"

The lack of experience is a big handicap. It has to be pointed out that Tesla is also rapidly turning over top managers which is usually a good indication that the CEO can be something of an ass. The head of the Model 3 project left months before it's release with the ubiquitous PR statement of "spending more time with family". If things were fine, why wouldn't they stay on until the car was released? Something very smelly had to be going on since it looks very bad on a resume to bail out on a major product shortly before it's released for "personal reasons" that aren't "resign or you're fired".

Beyond losing executives and managers, Elon fired a whole bunch of people in the last year and that is going to land the company in court. California law is very heavily weighted in the employees favor and if some of the former employees are telling the truth, proper protocol wasn't followed. All of Elon's companies are also notorious for burning out the rank and file with long hours, mandatory overtime and hazing of those that like to leave on time to go home to their families. I know a bunch of people that worked at SpaceX briefly. After being there for a few months, they added the job to their resume and started looking elsewhere.

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