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Car "sharing" wouldn't work very well where I am. The density is too low. There is also the inventory problem of a company (which is maximizing its value for the executives) to handle peak usage in the morning and evening and much less during the middle of the day and at night. Think of all of the car parks that it's going to take to store cars when they are not in use. It can also be very frustrating to have to wait when you need to pick up children from activities not only for the parents but also the supervisors at the other end that need to wait until all of the children have been picked up.

You know those independent contractors that are delivering for Amazon with impossible schedules and getting paid less than minimum wage? There won't be any of those people available to keep doing that job since they won't have a car to destroy doing that work.

Autonomy is way the hell off in the distance. It's another technology that will work best in city centers where roads can be uniformly marked, signs can contain reference markers and radio beacons can be placed. Major motorways might be possible eventually. There just needs to be a system that keeps inattentive drivers from plowing into the back of fire trucks that are stopped to attend a previous accident. B roads? Get out in the country where you might have to negotiate via sign language with a driver going in the opposite direction to be able to pass each other isn't something that an autonomous car may be able to do very well. Especially so if the verge is muddy. The thing that would concern me the more is to get in a car, punch up my destination and have the thing tell me that it's not authorized to go where I need to go or that the network is down and the car won't go anywhere. Nobody in Florida needing to get out of the way of a hurricane is going to risk having the car tell them "I can't do that, Dave". Through tornado alley in the middle of the US, one might want to perform an otherwise illegal U-turn on the motorway to avoid being flung through the air or pummeled with hail or debris. The car may not allow the maneuver or a completely autonomous car with no controls just can't be driven manually. There is the network issue again if a tornado knocks out internet in an area. You put a machine in between you and your use of a car.

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