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Brit regulator pats self on back over nuisance call reduction: It's just 4 billion now!

Lee D Silver badge

I found an easier way.

Ditched the landline.

Registered with TPS years ago.

Don't give out my number unnecessarily.

Always utilised the follow procedure on mobile:

- If caller known, answer.

- If number withheld, refuse call.

- If caller unknown, Google them or look them up in an app.

- If no relation or no business relationship, block it permanently on the phone (e.g. by adding to a "fake" contact called Spam with no ringtone suffices even if your phone is out of the Ark).

- Anything important, they'll text, email, ring back, write or call you from a proper number.

Number of spam calls since September: 0

Number of spam texts since September: 0

While all around me people are often answering their mobile phones in work or at leisure and dealing with insurance claim guys, I get basically nothing and even when I do, I just let it ring out and then see if the number was spam.

I've had the same number for nearly 15 years. I've changed providers many times. I've got all my services tied to that number, all the SMS confirmations, 2FA, etc. so it's in quite a few places. I moved flat recently and don't have a landline so all my utilities etc. are registered on that number too.

But if you just never answer unless you already know who it is, they all die off or get nowhere. Hell, just set your normal ringtone to silence / no vibration, and then set your contact's ringtone to something actually audible. No bother at all and no hi-tech required.

If I was really bothered, I'd get a SIP line or a Skype number and just forward it to a mobile that accepted nothing else, and then change it whenever it got spammed.

P.S. Reporting spam texts is a waste of time - it doesn't forward the originator's details, and when the place you report it to reply and want that you have to send another text with "the number it appeared to come from" (which is always faked anyway), and then literally nothing happens.

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