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60 a year? The UK Sounds like Paradise!

I just don't answer my cell phone unless it's a number in my contacts. If it's important, they'll leave a voicemail.

We have a free "land line" from T-Mobile, but we don't use it, no one knows the number, so the several calls we get a week are entirely spam. We did notice that T-Mobile at least started marking some calls as "potential scammer", which is nice. It's also easier to just unplug the thing and move on with our lives.

Even a small fee (a few cents a call) would basically put an end to this B.S. wouldn't it? I know people have proposed that for email before. Make exceptions for A) contacts that I choose [none of that pre-established business relationship B.S.] B) government entities and C) nope, I think that's about it.

Maybe I can sign up for a 900 (toll) number for my personal use?

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