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I am on TPS.

I am currently getting several a week of the "International" recorded message from "Green Deal Funding" about double glazing replacements. This has been going on for months.

Using "5" to find out more gave a call centre mobile number with a Scottish accent - with a promise to take me off the list. Reported the calls via the ICO web site.

That was then followed up by another call yesterday from a mobile number 07804430544 with a Scottish accent. After I cut the sales spiel short - they confirmed the company name as "Green Deal Funding" - and promised to take me off the list.

A "silent call" has come in several times recently from 01254460171 - which others have reported as burglar alarm marketing.

What is suspicious about all the CLI numbers is they often contain "44" somewhere even more than once. That happens to be the UK International prefix - so I doubt they are their genuine numbers.

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