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Tesla made electric cars sexy when the best of the rest was the G-Whizz, which is a pile of shite. None of the major manufacturers saw it as a viable market. Now they're falling over each other to get in.

Mainly due to political and financial incentives. So subsidies for EVs, tax breaks and emission controls, penalties and announcements that ICE cars will be banned. So basically a rigged market to promote EVs over ICEs. And a lot of costs externalised that will grow inline with EV usage, ie increasing power generation to charge them.

Renewable energy has always been hamstrung by its intermittent nature, and nobody's reckoned it was feasible to store it. Then Musk had his people string together a field full of batteries, and Australia doesn't have shagged electricity any more.

Depends what you mean by 'feasible'. Technically, it's always been possible. But not done due to cost and inefficencies compared to traditional generation. But Australia went Green, spent a lot of money on 'renewables', discovered the problem of reliability/intermittencies and then spent even more on batteries. Now, Australians will be able to charge battery cars from batteries.. which is very inefficient and expensive. But if you socialise the costs by passing them onto all Australian electricity customers, it's all good. High electricity prices are just the price of being Green.

If Australia had built a couple of modern coal power stations instead, it wouldn't have been 'shagged' by renewables, and their electricity costs would be much cheaper.

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