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Elon Musk's Tesla burns $675.3m in largest ever quarterly loss


Rolling my eyes reading the usual rants and flames from each side of the bench. I'll try to avoid getting embroiled in that.

But I wanted to comment just to raise issue with the sub-headline of the article:

[blockquote]$250k went into orbit with that Roadster[/blockquote]

Um, no. No it didn't. The Roadster was Musk's own personal car. Tesla didn't take a hit on it in any way at all. And even if they had it was a ten-year-old used car, and it didn't even cost $250k when it was new.

The Falcon Heavy launch cost Tesla absolutely nothing, for what is easily the best bit of car advertising ever. Frankly, given the publicity it's generated, it would have been a bargain if they'd paid full price for the launch.

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