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they will be an interesting footnote in history before the decade's out

Does that really matter, though?

Elon Musk has strolled into three different industries where the incumbents have simply said "it can't be done", and he's done it. If his personal goal was to change the world, then mission accomplished:

  • SpaceX are undercutting everyone in the launch business by recovering their rockets which was deemed "impossible". Now even ULA are saying they have plans.
  • Tesla made electric cars sexy when the best of the rest was the G-Whizz, which is a pile of shite. None of the major manufacturers saw it as a viable market. Now they're falling over each other to get in.
  • Renewable energy has always been hamstrung by its intermittent nature, and nobody's reckoned it was feasible to store it. Then Musk had his people string together a field full of batteries, and Australia doesn't have shagged electricity any more. And now other large projects like this are underway.

Just because he doesn't win the race, it doesn't mean he hasn't accomplished something. He's changed the world. Well done to him. And I don't imagine he'll have trouble paying for cornflakes in the near future.

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