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You don't seem to realise, that means Musk is winning. His stated goal wasn't to make as much money as he can, or even destroy the other manufacturers. He wanted to make electric cars mainstream because he wants to kick-start a sci-fi future and get us away from depending on fossil fuels. That's also why he..

Incorporated Tesla as a non-profit? OK, so Musk didn't found Tesla, and he still has some way to go before the Model 3's sales catch up the Nissan Leaf. But if his goal wasn't to make money, he's on target with a $771m Q4 loss, declining margins and $9.5bn in debt. And only managed to produce 1,542 Model 3s, which is a long way from the promised 5,000 a week. And with 400,000 orders for those, customers will have to be patient. Or look at buying competing EVs from other manufacturer's who may not share Musk's view of the Model 3 being a 'premium EV'. And Tesla somehow needs to produce semis, trucks and it's new Roadster without massively increasing capex and wage bills.

And there'll be no getting away from fossil fuels because electricity is still going to be needed to charge EVs.

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