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I'd have every Mitu PHEV rounded up and crushed. And any driver claiming to have chosen it for the environmental benefits would be locked inside during the crushing.

With you on that one.

A car half its size however with a similar (probably two-wheel drive though) drive-train is a definite buy in this house. The EV range is roughly consistent with the commutes we do when we do not use bikes and the "outside-range" ability covers our primary long range use-case of "to airport and back".

Unfortunately, nobody is doing a reasonably priced car half the Mitsubishi size - something in the "old pre-tank Clio"/Yaris/i20/Corsa/Fiasco category. There are full electrics like the electric Soul or the Leaf, but they do not fit my most basic req - being able to get to any of the nearby airports and back on one charge (that is 200miles round trip if you are unfortunate to have to use a Gatwick flight).

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