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Problems arise when you have criminal convictions. It doesn't matter how trivial they are or how long ago they happened. If you've got a Green Card and have a skeleton in your closet then its tempting to just lie low and not face the bureaucracy again. If you do you run the risk of being asked awkward questions, questions you have to answer truthfully because lying to a Federal official will get you into even deeper crap. (If you think you're in danger of running foul of them then you pay a specialist attorney -- they not only know what strings to pull but who to steer you to in the various offices.)

Green Cards only got expiration dates relatively recently. If you've got one that expires then you have to renew it at a cost of $500 or so. My wife had one of the last of the original ones, she used it for decades until she started getting hassled about it at (some) ports of entry. The hassling was gentle, more encouragement to apply for citizenship than anything else, because the USCIS really isn't interested in people who have been here for decades who aren't criminals, they want them off the books. (So the last time my wife used her Green Card to get back into the country elicited a rather enthusiastic "All Right!!!" from the agent -- she'd passed her interview for citizenship and was just waiting to be sworn in.....those people behind the desk are actually human, strange as it may seem.)

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