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I'm genuinely curious, since all the other manufacturers tried to destroy Tesla, then tried to BUY out Tesla, now they resort to petty internet sniping hoping to hurt their company value.

All the other manufacturers are still in the process of destroying Tesla. Including Tesla itself, via it's burn rate. Other manufacturers are ramping up production of their own EVs, and it's suppliers are helping. For example-

Aiming to reduce its dependence on Tesla, Panasonic recently partnered with Toyota Motor Corp (7203.T) to develop and supply batteries for electric vehicles.

If Tesla aren't buying the output from Panasonic's 'Gigafactories', someone else will. And in other news, market jitters around wage inflation, and inflation in general will likely lead to rising interest rates and make it harder for Tesla to raise new capital via the bond markets. Or refinancing it's existing bonds will get more expensive.

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