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The Mitsubishi PHEV is ~ 30k at present. Even for that amount of money it sells like hot bread and is outselling all other hybrids and electric vehicles combined in the UK.

Only because they've equalised the price with the ICE version, and the buyers are then choosing PHEV for personal tax benefits. In day to day use, the benefits of the Mitsu PHEV are negligible with poor range, and in typical company car driver hands, not even low emissions overall - a dreadful, opportunist piece of engineering that advances no cause other than Mitsubishi's bottom line.

As usual shit headed incentives have skewed the market. They've certainly produced the incentivised result of selling more plug in hybrids, on the other hand, creating demand for a lard arsed SUV with pipe & slippers appeal and relatively high emissions may not be seen as the original purpose of the incentives.

I'd have every Mitu PHEV rounded up and crushed. And any driver claiming to have chosen it for the environmental benefits would be locked inside during the crushing.

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