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Ridin a bike is a crime as afar as I'm concerned.

As someone who lives in a criminal city where there is less than 1% of households without a cyclist, has a criminal wife (which clocks 16 miles a day bike commute) and two thoroughly criminal children (who commute to school and nearly all of their activities on bikes clocking up to 10 miles on some days) I am going to be short and to the point: F*ck off.

Alternative suggestion: HiIde under your bridge and continue to work on your morbid obesity, it suits you.

By the way, every time I end up working for a Valley company (it is a recurring mistake), my first thought is how to organize a spare bike there. Those nice cycling lanes around San Jose need filling and paying Avis king's ransom every time is just not worth it.

If Musk is actually promoting bike usage, one more cudos from me. One more thing the man is doing right. Applause.

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