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> I expect he will remain Tesla CEO till just before it becomes obvious Tesla investors are going to lose their shirts

Speaking as a Tesla investor.

I never ever expected to make a profit out of it. I put a non-insignificant sum into it years ago because I thought it was a crazy idea that should be attempted and The Musk looked insane enough to actually go for it. That investment has gone up well over 1000% so far and I could just retire and live comfortably off it.

But I don't care if, when or how he burns it, I'm not in it for the money. Whatever happens, the world is already a different place than back when this guy came up with the idea said "I'm going to do this", and I'm happy to contribute my small part to that.

As it was said from that British army officer¹, "his men would follow him anywhere, if only out of curiosity".

¹ Incidentally, I actually had an NCO like that.

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