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Probably worked in sales and marketing. 4 to 6 is their mentality.

It's not a universal truth but is pretty close..

(Eons ago I worked for a RT-OS company now swallowed by Chipzilla. We had a 'Sales Executive' that wanted a Jag as a company car, even though it was blocked for people of his grade and experience. He whinged for months about it and eventually HR came up with a compromise - he got the car allowance according to his grade and put the rest of the monthly cost of his penis-substitute from his wages. Which was fine when the IT market was buoyant. Them came the post-Millenium IT crash and his commission reduced by about 70% and he couldn't afford the monthly payment on his Jag. Surprisingly enough, no-one in Finance or HR looked very favourably on his attempt to get the company to pay off his 3-year lease on the car after only one year.. He left soon afterwards - and then discovered that he was still liable for the extra cost on his car lease. Just goes to show that trying to be an overbearing bully[1] doesn't work out long-term).

[1] Yes - he often used the words "Don't you know who I am" and "I pay your wages" to me and the other support staff. That ended when our manager had a quiet word with the Sales Director.

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