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I'm feeling a bit slow today.

Can someone outline to me if this age check has to be implemented by all prawn sites in the entire world, or just the ones being hosted in the UK?

If the former, do they then plan to block all sites in the UK that don't have a UK authorised age check?

Good luck with that. Seriously. Most people who use the internet don't really have a clue about how it works etc., some people who like to avoid regional locking have clued up and know how to bypass it, but if we wanted the *entire* wanking population of the UK to become VPN experts in as short a time as possible I can think of no better way.

Bring it on I say.

Two years after implementation GCHQ are going to go fucking nuts that 90% of all internet traffic has suddenly become opaque and they will have no-one else to blame but themselves*.

*It seems like this was predicted once before, and they complain enough about encryption already. Just wait until it's as common as email addresses twitter accounts. Hint: In 1995 I was telling my friends and family that pretty soon you wouldn't be able to do business unless you had a web site etc. - at the time they didn't even know what one was. Ok so that was ~23 years ago, but things become common knowledge when there is a common usage for something, and bypassing porn filters will create such a scenario.

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