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No, registry keys are almost always at a way more granular level than configuration files in Linux.

No, because a key holds a collection of value-data pairs, similar to a configuration file holding a collection of settings.

But if that happens you just boot to the "last know on good configuration" or a system restore point.

Which was disabled from Windows 8 onwards. You need to set a registry key to enable it again. Difficult if the problem is due to the registry being hosed.

No, they recommend that for data that must or you choose to store as files. There is no recommendation not to use the registry.

So on the one hand we have, "if you want, go ahead and use files", and on the other we have Registry Junk: A Windows Fact of Life and finally the future (UWP) does not use it. Not difficult to work out what MS' advice really is.

Because .Net apps can be multiplatform.

UWP apps are multiplatform but mobile is dead so it's multiplatform with one platform.

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