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I'm a Manchester Man, but graduated out of Bradford. So I got to study Morrisons, Sam Smith beer ( ), curry and Yorkshire pudding in great detail.

The Yorkshire pudding, a large, deep, plate sized object can have any filling. But it can't be, as previously noted, one of these tiddly puffed-up excrescences served up in chain carveries alongside the dried -up roast beef.

Morrisons, even before Ken, started as a cheese stall in Bradford Market. There's almost nothing more authentic Yorkshire except (possibly) the cricket club and (certainly) the Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band ( of Wogan fame).

That being said, when I want to wind-up the Mrs. I do remind her that when we were in Venice I was able to find a restaurant that had pizza with chips topping, so that clearly makes that an authentic Italian dish.

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