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"Back when I had to man the front desk, students knew that jumping the queue was a Very Bad Idea."

A surprisingly large number of university students are arrogant twats. Not a majority, but many more than you would expect from a supposedly self-selecting group of "intelligent" people. They can be especially arrogant and inconsiderate when I'm moving boxes and toolkits to the next job and walk 3-4 abreast and don't move out of my way like any normal and polite person would. After all, I've already moved over as far as I can for them, so I expect them to meet me half way. Those type seem to assume that I must be "lower down the pecking order" or something because of my job. I have, on occasion, said words to the effect of "hey, wait till you get your degree before you decide if your too clever to be polite. I got mine already!". I'd love to see the results on any research correlating student arrogance with degree results. Being there doesn't mean you are clever. Finishing successfully might.

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