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Cast iron.

The only way to make proper YP: Heat cast iron pan in HOT oven. Pour in dripping (you WANT it to smoke!). Add batter, bang back into HOT oven. Pull when done. Nick the top of each pud to let the steam out (unless you like 'em soggy inside). Serve hot.

I've done this with all kinds of cast iron, ranging from a dozen small muffins, to 8 quart dutch oven, to skillets ranging from 4" to 18", to individual cob-shaped cornbread pans. They all work. The key is HOT (I think I already mentioned that ... ).

You're on your own for the batter. Ask yer gran. I use mine immediately, although some seem to think that letting it sit for awhile works better. For dripping, only proper dripping from actual meat will do.

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