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"Alienating actual customers just because they didn't drink the last kool-aid may have a bitter price in the future."

alienated customers aren't the ones they're after. I think they're trying to lock-in the millenials... [the only customer base they even have a REMOTE chance of having any time in the future]. But I would say that most of the people that read El Reg would agree that Micro-shaft totally went the wrong way with Win-10-nic, and putting lipstick on the boar (not the oinky end) and THEN greasing up Office 2019 and jaming it up our as... down our throats isn't helping them win new customers, or even keep existing ones.

/me continuing to work on an IDE and dev kit that _could_ help make writing X11-based [and compatibility for WIN32] applications a WHOLE lot easier... and when I tested a proof of concept last week, I typed in the program name in a shell, with a glob for 50-something files as the argument, and it opened all of them in under a second [I even captured a cool video of it from the desktop using vlc] and displayed the main window like "pop" - the way applications SHOULD start up, not taking 10's of seconds of wait cursor just to put a splash screen up, and then 10's more to get the IDE to display, and then a boatload of additional time loading each file, etc.. Yeah. Under 1 second, 50-something text files, with a tabbed multi-doc editing main window and the first doc [a C source file 2000+ lines] right there. The point is that it' POSSIBLE to write applications like this, if you don't do it "the Micro-shaft Way" and do it on a system that has X11 like Linux or FreeBSD. I'll just have to make sure that the toolkit works seamlessly on WIN32 also, and write some C++ foundation classes, and voila! but yeah I've been working on this for YEARS now. I'll need to finish before 2020 or it will be pointless when Win 7 support dies off and it's not done yet...

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