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We were doing an analysis for them (interesting but complex tech/business system) as an independent 3rd party. 3 weeks before the end of a 4 month project they decided that a renegotiation of payment was necessary (unenforceable under contract but lots of hints on reputation/future work). We told them to f* off (the wonders of running a 5 person business - chain of responsibility short and we would all suffer) and immediately withdrew bugger the cost. 2 months later we were ‘apporoached’ by a lwyer acting for them with threats based on breach of contract. Our legal eagle responded with a subset of our correspondence, indicated that more was available and demanded immediate payment for work done.

Eventual outcome, resumed contract, got paid (no more or less than contract) and delivered assessment. Shame they did not act on findings - they would make a fine ‘learning’ exercise for an MBA never had any more work from them :-)

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