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"...Well, if you're forcing me to use MSAwful, I wouldn't want to be working for YOU either..."

We're on the same page.

I prefer to work with adults, not children who post stupid comments like that (anonymously of course) rather than accept basic truths such as the simplest that the vast majority of major business run mixes of systems chosen to fulfil the necessary function. That will inevitably be a mix of *nix and various flavours of Linux. It also pretty much inevitable they're going to run Microsoft software.

I absolutely love how so many espouse the freedom of choice. But not if that choice happens not to fall into line with their own narrow view of what is acceptable.

You realise this is how religions work right? Freedom to choose any you like but only this one is the right one...


And sure - downvote away but at least I have the courage to not post shit anonymously.

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