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A few years ago we had a persistent problem with abusive users.I instructed my hell desk team that users had one chance if they were sweary, they could apologise and the call could be completed. If they didn't comply the call was terminated and or their name and number were recorded and passed on to me. At that point I would give them a call, point out that their behavior was unacceptable, give then a lecture on our organisational values and inform than that they had committed a serious breach of their conditions of service then offer them a choice, An apology to my team member or a call from me to their line manager. They then usually started a grovelling apology and I'd pass them back to the do the same to the technician they had abused. we never had a repeat offender and I never actually had to contact another manager but word got around pretty quickly and sweary incidents just disappeared.

I would have had no compunction about starting a disciplinary case and almost all organisations do have similar rules on behavior and respect. It really is up to team managers to ensure that behavious like this isn't tolerated.

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