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It is beyond comprehension why MS seem to be determined to drive away as many of their long term customers as possible. Suicidal? Thoughts?

Perhaps MS no longer wants to be in the OS business. Windows is not the superstar moneymaker it once was... I saw it written somewhere that Windows now only brings in 10% of Microsoft's revenue, and I would bet it consumes a lot more than 10% of Microsoft's resources to keep it going. Future forecasts are probably grim, given how little faith MS shows in the continued viability of the desktop PC... if Windows PC revenues drop as PC sales have been for years, but the development costs remain relatively constant, there will come a time when Windows becomes a money sink rather than a money maker.

As such, all of this apparently suicidal behavior on Microsoft's part might just be their Windows exit strategy. They could just announce that Microsoft is going to stop developing Windows in 2025, the last year they had promised to keep 10 updated, but this would be incredibly destructive to them. Most people still think of MS as inextricably bound to Windows, so MS announcing the end of Windows would seriously harm their reputation, not to mention their stock prices.

Not only that, but their Windows monopoly on the desktop is an asset that still has value, and to simply write it off would be akin to throwing money away. Perhaps there would be a way to monetize Windows in the short term, to milk it for all it is worth, while driving people away from Windows in the longer term, at which time they will have extracted the full value of their monopoly, and can just let the dried-out husk simply blow away?

Something like... what they're doing now.

Microsoft is not stupid. They have dealt with their corporate customers enough to know that this insane twice a year release schedule is tremendously disruptive to them. No Windows user benefits from constant code churn and the massive number of new bugs that necessarily must generate... not consumers, not small businesses, not education, not enterprise. Everyone needs an operating system, and an operating system is supposed to be a stable foundation upon which other things are built, and Windows 10 fails spectacularly in that role. By design, I think.

Microsoft wants all Windows users not already trapped in the Windows 10 torture chamber to either leave the Windows platform or get in line for their torture session in 10. If they leave now, great! One less person to have to drive away later. If they get in line for the torture chamber, also great! They can be monetized during their daily beatings, and eventually they will realize what a bunch of shit this is and escape.

I used to think I would just stick with 7 and wait; surely at SOME point Microsoft will get a clue and stop with the stupid, right? If I wait long enough, won't Windows 10 have to become something I would want to use?

I don't think so anymore. I don't think it was meant to be a good OS for users, and I don't think it ever will be.

So, Linux it is. I'm not one of the Stallman-esque Linux fans who thinks all commercial software is wrong... I actually liked Windows. XP was a trusty friend; 7 wasn't bad either. Even 8.1 is pretty good once you strip out the stupid stuff and add Classic Shell and a few other things. But 10... no, just no. It changes too fast to even try to modify it into something decent. You get it all set up the way you want, aftermarket programs like Classic Shell set just right, various Powershell scripts and such having done neat things like rip out the apps no one asked for in the first place... you've got Windows update creatively broken in such a way that returns more or less full control over when or whether to install updates to you, and the spying is (to the best of your knowledge) under control. And then the next build comes and breaks all of that... not only does it introduce tons of new bugs, but it forces everyone to start over at step 1 in trying to modify the thing to be a decent OS (and that's a hell of a lot of work).

It's too much. Maybe if LTSB was made available to everyone (even for enterprise customers, MS strongly tries to steer them away from LTSB for their daily-use PCs), it would be somewhat okay, but only because a stationary target can eventually be ripped and torn and made into something that serves the users rather than MS, but MS knows this. They're not going to let us have the "good" version; we were given the bad version for a reason!

So, no, MS is not suicidal, but that Nadella guy with his head in his... er, the cloud, can't see any value beyond that. They elected a cloud guy, and that's what they got.

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