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Not quite the same but I once worked with a particularly inept "developer" who for the sake of the story we will call Greg.

Greg was straight out of uni and dropped into a development role in a company that I had been working for for a few years, he needed constant hand holding, as was to be expected but also needed some fairly basic ideas to be explained to him, he was hired as a web developer but didn't seem to have a clear idea of how a web page was delivered even after it was explained.

Anyway, this was round 2008 when the credit crunch happened and the VAT rates dropped to 15% from 17.5% - Our companies main role was knocking out eCommerce sites for our clients... You can see whats coming Im sure. HARD CODED VAT RATES, every single client site needed to be changed, it was a trivial change, but it was going to be time consuming.

The higher ups decided that what we would do is have the VAT rate stored in the database, change all of the sites to use the new setting and then at the end of the month when the new rate came into effect it would be an easy switch.

Good plan.

So with a bit of time before the change it was decided that normal operations would continue during 9-5 and then devs could do overtime in the evenings and weekends to implement the new changes.

To help facilitate this we were all given VPN access so we could remote in from our home PC onto our desktop dev machines in the office and work from home.

All of us managed this bar Greg.

On the first day after an evening of over time Greg complained that he was unable to connect.

So we tested everything, connected to the VPN from an external connection and RDC'd to his machine - all OK.

We decided it must have been a glitch, let him try again.

Day 2 - same thing, he can get on the VPN but not his desktop. So we go through all of the settings on his machine and try again and it all works.

Day 2 NIGHT. - I connect to the VPN and try Gregs PC - no response.

Deciding that this means that there is something weird happening at the office end of the connection we give up and decided to investigate the next day,

Day 3 - Cant find anything wrong.

Day 3 16:59:00 - Chatting to Greg about the issue at his desk as we pack up I watch him bend over and hit the power button on the front of his PC. Turns out he has been doing that every day and has been expecting the VPN to magically switch the PC on for him.

He works o a building site now.

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