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No Windows 10, no Office 2019, says Microsoft


I recently replaced my dads computer with Linux Mint and Libre Office (from Win XP and Office 2010). I set up and migrated everything to be as close to how he had it before; named icons, everything filed on the desktop, etc. sat with him for half a day explaining everything was where he'd left it, and thought after a couple of weeks he'd be fine with it...

Er no, he tried his best but really struggled, most of his Word documents that he used as templates didn't format correctly and he couldn't come to terms with correcting the formatting, plus he managed to get Libre Office to regularly say "something's gone wrong, I'm going to have to restart"

Most of his other problems were of the type; "well to do <insert task>, I usually click here, here and here, then do that". This is the main problem - there are many users out there who have learned a rote sequence of mouse moves and key-presses - they don't think in terms of "I want to manipulate the thing in this way, so I'll look around the menus for something that does the job I'm after"

FWIW he went out and bought Win 10 and Office 2016 and is extremely happy with it and able to work like he used to.

Yes, those of us that can switch, do switch - but you aren't going to beat this type of inertia in enterprise deployments any time soon

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