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Shopper f-bombed PC shop staff, so they mocked her with too-polite tech tutorial


I was with a friend at his work one evening in a petrol station when David Beckham stopped in to fill his car, he came into the shop and realised he hadn't brought his wallet out. He asked if he could pop home and come back with the wallet, my mate said yes - but the car stays on the forecourt. DB said come on, you know who I am, I'm not going to do a runner.

My friend pointed past me to a folder on a shelf - "those are the rules I work to, it states quite clearly car must remain on forecourt - nowhere does it say "Unless that person is David Beckham""

My choice of Manchester City shirt that night was perfect.

Around that time I was working in a hotel to make some extra cash, one morning I was putting the buffet out for breakfast with a hungry group of customers waiting, a guy walked out in front of me and said "get me 2 poached eggs", I politely said "certainly sir, as soon as I've finished putting the buffet out I will sort that for you" he shouted in my face "NO! Now!!"

I turned to the rest of the queue and said to the guests "apologies ladies and gentleman, this gentleman obviously feel he is far more important than you are, please excuse me". As I turned and walked away I saw the 10 or so people there turn on this guy calling him every name under the sun. I fully expected the sack, but when my manager dragged me in he said that all of the people in the queue had been to see him saying I deserved a medal for not planting him. I got a pat on the back and was told to carry on the good work.

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