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Back in the mid '80s I worked for a shop selling word-processors, and we ended up with a batch of faulty green-screen monitors. Unfortunately most of these monitors would only go wrong several days after the sale, in spite of being soak-tested on arrival.

So many of these wretched things went wrong that we adopted the following procedure for returns:

Customer: (Angry) "I bought this from you and it's broken."

Salesperson: "I'm sorry to hear that."

Normally the customer would simply be given a brand new monitor and an apology for the inconvenience. Some would however break into an abusive rant at this point ...

Customer: "Idiots ... useless ... expense ... lost work ... what are you going to do about it?"

At this point the salesperson would, without comment, open the door leading to the cellar, remove the monitor from the counter and hurl it into the void, closing the door after it. They would then produce a new, boxed monitor and place it on the counter.

Salesperson: (Smiling slightly too much) "Anything else I can help you with ?"

Customer: "Er ... no ... thank you."

There was actually a pile of foam packing at the foot of the steps, but we ensured the monitor dislodged a strategically placed pile of junk on the way down.

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