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No it's not. The Steele Dossier was supplied by active members of the Russian Government (according to Steele and Fusion GPS) and hence was vetted by the Russian FSB security service.

Thus you are claiming that if the Russian Security Services want to supply information suggesting that X is a Russian stooge, that information should be trusted ? Really ?

The real point is that there is real collusion in evidence, and it is indeed public knowledge. The Clinton campaign (and others - DNC and the Obama Campaign) paid Fusion GPS via lawyers and claimed that it was legal expenses - another crime but we'll let that go for now. Fusion GPS paid Steele and provided extensive support to him via Nellie Ohr (wife of a very senior DOJ official, since demoted) and via Ed Baumgartner - AND - via extracts from FISA court surveillance conducted by the FBI that they were illegally allowed to access. Steele and others paid Russian officials for the information in the Dossier that was introduced to the FBI and the public via various channels including Republican and Trump hater McCain.

Paying foreign officials for intel on ones opponents is textbook collusion. It is one of the ways that collusion is defined in the statutes in the US covering these matters, and it is defined as a crime. So there we have it - collusion, proved, by the Clinton campaign, and by illegal collusion between that campaign and the FBI via the access to classified intercepts from FISA authorized surveillance given to external contractors without security clearances.

A review by the NSA stated that 85% of accesses to FISA authorized surveillance intercepts in 2016 were illegal, to persons not entitled or allowed such access.

I suggest that is beyond question that the surveillance on the Trump campaign was at least in part supported by the "Steele Dossier" which was Russian supplied disinformation, was unverified when used, and that the FBI that used it was aware of its provenance (Democrat opposition research) but used it anyway. Page may have been under surveillance, note that he has not been charged and has no actual collusion been shown on his part. He has widespread contacts with Russian businessmen and officials, but if any of these involve improper activity that has yet to be demonstrated or even hinted at.

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