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Obviously the political fight is going into overdrive with the GOP for the past half year instigating a smear campaign against the institutes they so generously larded with surveillance powers in the past few years. Though to any non-US citizen it is obvious that the US has become dysfunctional in any of the institutes of government the GOP has a majority in and the current idiot in chief has managed to destroy whatever goodwill the previous one had managed to rebuild, they seem to be unable to get out of their little information bubbles either focused on Fox or MSNBC (I consider those to be about equally astray from reality). Now as far as I can see, the one thing that can come out of this whole mess is that the outcome of it all is that the whole WH is infested with Ruski moles and useful idots. If anything it might convince right wing Yanks that Russia isn't communist any more, but a good fascistic cleptocratic ally for the future. Meanwhile the evangelicals can hope to finally see the apocalypse happen in their time and have one of the crackpots be right for a change. And if not, the left wing radicals may try a desperate attempt to stop it all and get rid of both Pence (who I deem scarier even than the D) and Trump, leaving general Kelly as the next in line. Hmm,.. it sounds almost attractive.

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