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The problem is that politicians are used to the idea of "Ask the techie to do something impossible, and we get something that is both possible and not entirely unlike what we wanted".

Having the techie turn round and say "No, that's impossible. Go away and grow a brain" is a novel experience for a politician, and they aren't very good at processing or dealing with the entirely new.

However, all is not lost. All we have to do is carry on explaining that breaking secure encryption is impossible and unnecessary and eventually, the concept that secure encryption is unbreakable becomes part of the accepted operating environment of politicians, and they end up actually arguing for it.

A similar thing has happened in many large organisations: techies managed to beat the concept of "PC insecure unless it has antivirus" into managerial heads so effectively that now even Linux kit has, by fiat of manager, to have completely useless antivirus on it or the manager gets very, very upshet. This is the unfortunate downside of dealing with the hard of thinking: you have to be very careful with the message before you reprogram the bloody dullards!

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