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Concur. It is pretty clear that in this area USA is about a decade behind Israel (despite Israel literally giving Raytheon cheat sheets) and probably around 5 years behind Russia.

If memory serves me right the Russian's last years tests of the new A-135 were successful. Not that their system is usable - it is a case of "cure worse than the disease" as it uses 10kt nuke warhead. That was OK when the first generation was designed in the late 60-es. It is definitely not OK in a world full of electronics (*).

In either case - both the Aegis and the A135 are white elephants. What would be really interesting to see is what is the real capabilities for the most recent crop of "normal" AA for ICBM interception (f.e. S400 or its closest NATO equivalents). That can be deployed in quantity, something which you simply cannot afford with the MDA and it is not allowed by treaties for the A135.

(*)They apparently intend to switch to conventional warheads on that within the next 2-3 years.

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