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Orin Kerr, at offers a legal analysis that pretty much rubbishes the idea that use of the Steele "dossier" in partial justification of the surveillance warrant on Page has any merit.

As a moderately disinterested and amused observer, I am inclined to the opinion that there really isn't much to either the "collaboration" or "Russian meddling" panic. The major US political parties each offered a poor and unworthy candidate in 2016, and it s far from clear that we got the worst of them for the long run. Now they are fighting over policy positions under the guise of national security. Little will come of it that is either good or bad. The only thing likely to clear the air is for the DoJ investigation under Mueller and the Senate investigations to go to completion without undue delay. It seems evident that there is unlikely to be a useful contribution from either the Democrats or the Republicans on the House committees.

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