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FYI: That Hawaii missile alert was no UI blunder. Someone really thought the islands were toast

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"So far no passing do-gooder has decided to dial for an emergency takeout"

But someone might still dial for the Coast Guard anyway on the assumption the victim is not in the right frame of mind and is therefore calling out, "Pizza!" when he really means to call for "Help!" meaning it's not just an emergency, it's a life-and-death emergency if his mind is that far gone.

Frankly, there mere presence of a man struggling in the water, voice or not, is going to be enough to trigger a 911 call unless it's made quite clear to all present ahead of time that a drill is taking place. It's like working in a store and a man stumbles in all cut up and bleeding. Barring advance notice, the first thought here is to call 911. And of course, someone will just stage a REAL emergency at the same time as the drill in order to spread chaos.

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