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The Snoopers' Charter already has a definition of "metadata". It's "any data that doesn't reveal the actual content of the communication."

So as things stand, if you encrypt your communication, the whole thing becomes metadata and *must* be recorded, in its entirety, by your ISP.

You're welcome.

On another point: I'm fine with governments having the authority to kick down people's doors. (It's not like anyone has ever been able to stop them doing that anyway.) And by analogy, I'm fine with them seizing people's phones and brute-forcing the content out of them. If you have a police force with authority to arrest people, then that pretty much implies authority to investigate their stuff as well.

What I don't want is them surreptitiously sneaking in (to either houses or phones) and snooping thataway. Investigation *without* physical arrest/intrustion - that's what we need to watch out for.

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