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Just can't catch a break, can ya, Capita? Shares tumble 40% amid yet another profit warning

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AC for obvious reasons. Warning - contains sarcasm.

I wondered if we worked in the same part of Capita but then I don't think I've met anyone who would actually say they love their job.

Completely agree about the shopping spree mentality dragging the company down further, so many critical functions once handled competently by third parties are now only allowed to go through recently acquired internal suppliers who are not fit for purpose and often much more expensive than the previous outside companies.

The new CTO (not to be confused with the existing Chief Technology Officer) is the latest in a long line of newly-created jobs for old colleague/golfing buddy/school chum <sarcasm> that has been working so well thus far and I'm sure the company fortunes will be turned around in no time.</sarcasm>

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