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A company that will never learn

Having experienced Capita first hand I can honestly say that they stand no hope of correcting things if they carry on the way they do. I can only comment on IT Services or whatever they’re called this week, but there lies the problem. Its all smoke and mirrors put up to instil faith in the company with an aim to keep the group share price from crashing.

There seems to be a conveyer belt of ‘senior management’ types that come along to put there stamp on the business and give some jobs to the boys along the way. It doesn’t matter if it will fit, just that their idea which they had before coming into the organisation (or learning about it) will get implemented.

What they need is for someone to come in who hasn’t got their head stuck up there own arse, or the arse of the managers above them! They need someone to come in who takes a look at the business and understands what the business actually is, not just spend tens of millions on best of breed technology because they think it will help sell. Take a look at the business that you have and put in something that fits and then sweat the asset you have! You’re a service provider not an investment bank… Stop spending money you don’t have on equipment that isn’t fit for purpose!!!

And India… Really??? You still think that’s the way to go. Capita stripped a lot of talent out of the business on the assumption that it was going to be considerably cheaper, its now not cheap and they are so committed that they cant back down. Instead they are hiring back old talent as contractors on 4 times the money whilst haemorrhaging service penalties.

If you don’t learn lessons from the mistakes you’ve made over the past 8 years then the trend can only continue downward

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