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Speaking as a resident of one of the most highly taxed States (NJ) the tax abatement are in the form of Property Taxes. In my town several years ago, we had a spate of building and both Home Depot and Walmart came into town. The portion of abatement we gave a break on were the TOWN PORTION of property taxes. Even if fully taxed, it only account for ~$20k per year.... hardly a Kong’s ransom. I see MANY of my local neighbors working in Jesé places. Also, both entities have contributed MUCH more than what they would have paid in the form of donations... having built/improved our parks and donations made to many worthy causes that benefit everyone in our town. So, depending on what is given to Amazon, I am sure their community investment AND the jobs it will bring FAR outweigh the concessions given. That is based on my direct experience in my town.

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