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UK's iconic Jodrell Bank Observatory nominated as World Heritage Site

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"Not a single mention of SPAAAAAAACE."

It wasn't an article about SPAAAAAAACE - it was an article about the observatory.

In addition to the research, Jodrell Bank also played an important political role during the Cold War by tracking and verifying the efforts of both the US and the USSR. Both the US and the USSR collaborated in this tracking because it was in both their interests that their achievements be independently verified, to each other and the rest of the world.

I understand that Lovell wasn't too enamored with these 'tracking' jobs but realised that the liaison they required helped establish a conduit of scientific research between the East and West, with himself in the middle. Iirc, as a result of his collaboration with the USSR in the tracking of their early space efforts, and acting as a trusted but independent middle-man, Lovell was invited to the USSR to tour many of their scientific research facilities and was actually a bit surprised at the very high level of access he was given, including many research facilities that would never been seen by anyone else from the West.

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