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@Stuart Halliday

Every couple of years, the Government reassess the situation and so far the experts say leave it alone again.


Expert: We could try to remove the munitions, but that has a serious risk of setting it off.

Minister: And if we leave it alone?

Expert: It could go off anyway, but there's far less chance of that.

Minister: So we could do something with a small chance of success, and if it works we'd probably not gain much in public approval. Or we could do something with a small chance of success and it all goes horribly wrong, then we lose the next few elections. Or we could ignore it and hope nothing happens until the other lot are in power. It's a no-brainer.

Bonus video: Tom Scott's summary of the situation.

Bonus bonus video: Tom Scott explaiing what happened when a large amount of explosives went off by accident..

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