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I'm on 100mbs right now as it was a free upgrade from 50mbs.a couple of years ago when I had 50mbs. Virgin offered me an upgrade to 100mbs for an extra £2 per month. What I found was that when I did a speed test I was getting around 50-60mbp. I know traffic and how far away you are from the exchange can play a part in this. But what I had discovered that my laptop had a wireless card that could only receive 64mbs max. Meaning if 100mbs came down the line, depending on the day, I would only get half of it. So I downgraded back to 50mbs. 24mbs will be fine for equipment today but these companies should be informing their customers about whether their equipment can receive these speeds in the first place. I don't think my playstation 4 can receive 100mbs with ethernet cable in and it surely is poor wireless because of the poor wireless card that's in it

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