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Here we go again... UK Prime Minister urges nerds to come up with magic crypto backdoors

Shane 4


All politicians should be made to live in glass houses, So they have no privacy at all.

Hopefully then at least one of them might have a working brain cell to see the problem.

What next?

How about a compulsory RFID tag under the skin, We can laugh about it now but just wait.

It won't be sold as national security of course, It will be some sort of "convenience" for modern day laziness that affects us all from time to time, Just swipe your arm to pay for groceries.

Sounds good in theory, Until you start getting all those ads in your mail box from places you have just been, Only this time it's not the virtual world but the real one!

It has got to the point where they think the only way is to track everyone on the planet so they may prevent some sort of bad event, But it won't stop it.

There will always be a few that just snap for no reason, May have been a model citizen then something random has happened in life that has triggered them to go on some all out rampage. No backdoor in anything is going to help stop it.

Once again all I see is band aid fixes to bullet wounds, Typical political nonsense.

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